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12:24pm 18/09/2006
  I got a job. As a real hairstylist. In the mall. Which isn't ideal, but I have 238 hours to finish on my externship there and then I can find somewhere better. In any case, I have a job. THANK GOD.  
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03:40am 02/06/2006
  I went back to school. Good for me. It was not the great homecoming I wanted, however, because I only had 2 appointments and one was really hard and neither of them tipped me. I got to spend like 2 hours outside just hanging out in the glorious sun, though and that was really nice.

Today was also one of the best days I've had as far as my stomach goes. There was no nausea or cramping or anything all day. And its been close to 6 weeks since I've had a totally good day like that. The pesimist in me is really nervous for what tomorrow will be like, however, since I can't just have a totally good day without something bad coming my way.

Phone calls at work are so weird sometimes. The vulgar sex talk ones just make me uncomfortable. There's no need for me to have to say jizz in my place of employment, I don't think. Guess I'm wrong. At least they make the night more interesting.

I have a crush on a totally unacceptable, embarrassing boy.
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01:08pm 31/05/2006
  I was supposed to go back to school yesterday. And then today. Bur I just can't get up the motivation. I HAVE to go by Saturday or I'll be kicked out or something. So tomorrow or friday I guess I'll have to force it. I just. dont. want. to. ugh.

Captel is pretty boring to work at. But there's no drama. And I like that.
10:12pm 20/05/2006
  My new job is going pretty well. Its boring, but that's ok. I don't mind so much. it's drama free and that's important.

I'm going to a baby shower tonight, for a girl who works at school. I don't know if I'll know anyone but her and the guy throwing it, who also works at the school. Hum.

Today after my dad came home, he must've left the door open a little because all of a sudden, Stuart was in the front yard. He was captured easily, but we haven't seen Nemi in a few hours now and she didn't even poke her head out when I called for her and taunted her by opening the back door(she usually comes out when a door is opened). So she might have gotten out. Which means we'll never see her again. Because there's no way in hell we'll ever catch her even if we happen to see her. And that's sad.
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04:00pm 27/04/2006
  Josh Steiver was in ANOTHER dream. And I don't know what that's about. And then I was also being chased by Captain Hook. Uh huh.

I start the new job May 8th. I'm just so glad to be able to quit Sallys.

I might have to road trip to Balck Earth today and get new shoes. Madison isn't doing it for me.
11:34pm 26/04/2006
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04:45am 20/04/2006
  I caught a drum stick from fall out boy.

the lazzara love is back and in full force. t minus 5 days and 15 minutes until release of new cd. hot. why i love the lazzara

being on leave from school is my favorite. i don't want to go back. maybe i could go part time. i don't want to be there that long, but damn. i'm so sick of it.

motion city and john nolan tomorrow.

sounds on saturday.

i wish i would stop being tired.
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10:47pm 27/03/2006
  My grandpa is dying. He fell sometime Thursday night and my grandma found him passed out on the floor. The doctors think the cancer spread to his brain. He's slurring and gets confused. He can't even pee by himself. They aren't doing anymore tests or treatments or opperations. It's his time, and I just hope it comes quickly because he's frustrated and in pain. After grandma called Friday morning, my mom and I picked up my aunt and headed down to Arkansas to see them. He's just so skinny and sad and she'ss so tired and over worked. It was hard to see.

We're not back yet, but in a hotel in IL. I'm tired and need to sleep soon. I didn't sleep well last night because grandpa was having a really rough night and it kept me awake. I just need to cry and I can't.

My aunt Lynn came down this weekend too. Though she only said about 24 whole hours before leaving in the middle of the night. He husband is an asshole and if anyone knows a hit man, please let me know. I meet my cousin Jeremy for what I will consider the first time, since the last time he was 9 months old and I was 4. He's too smart for his own good. And he needs to get away from his dad. I think he could be a closet case. Cute kid, just a little strange. He's nice. Whatever.

I have my Junior exam on Wednesday morning. I'm so not prepared.
08:10pm 15/03/2006
  I tried to get a new job tonight. But the position was filled. Sad. I'm so sick of Sallys that I could die.

I'm taking my Junior exams next week and the week after. The end is so close. But so fucking far away. I don't even know where I'm at with my hours. I think I have under 800 or so to go. Which is beautiful.

I almost wish that it snows so badly that no one can go anywhere tomorrow so I don't have to go to school or work. Even though its spring.
06:29pm 24/02/2006
  I met the cutest boy last night. His name is John and I'm not sure I'd remember what he looked like if I saw him again. But he was so fantastic.

Rent was last night. And it was really good. Some of those people could really sing. It was fun. It was cold, and I wore a skirt and heels, but it worked out. I really only intended to have one half price margarita at the White Horse, because I was parked in the ramp right next to it. But it was the strongest drink ever. And Tim's sister bought it. And then her friend bought me one. And then I bought one. And then some boy named August bought Tim a shot. And we hung out. And then we went to Crave. And I loved August like a crazy person. And so he bought me a drink. And I don't even remember talking to this John character at first, or why I did. But when Tim ditched me for a moment, I had to talk to him again. And then we just kept hanging out. And he kept saying my lip ring made him want to kiss me. I'm not really super sure on his sexuality. Because I'm pretty sure he says he's straight but dated a boy once. I'm not sure what he's about. Other than being really cute. He walked me to my car, which was like 4 blocks in the opposite direction of his house. And that was nice. He's cute. I gave him the school's phone number because he said he wanted me to cut his hair next week. But he put the number under "sex" so I'm pretty sure he won't remember anything about it. Oh well. Hot. There were a lot of really cute gay boys out and about, with the show and all of course.

So needless to say, somehow I sobered up enough to get home. But there will be no school today. Oops.
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04:42pm 11/02/2006
  Motion City sold out The Rave so they're moving to the Eagles Ball Room. And I'm sad. Because I wanted a smaller show than that.

I have off of school for THREE DAYS. And its so exciting.

And finally, TESS. We never listened to Panic! At the Disco when I was up there, but today I remember them and listened. And Let Me Tell You. You were right. Delightful. Love it.
04:52pm 05/02/2006
  Last night at work my dad brought me pepper spray. So I sprayed it. On the floor, in the front of the store. I smelled it and it burnt my nostrils like a mother fucker. And then 5 minutes later Joy and a customer started coughing really bad and their eyes were watering like crazy. Then the rest of the night people came in and started coughing. And I laughed.  
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07:53am 11/01/2006
  1. Motion City is going to be on TRL today, for the Do You Like It thing. And so it begins....They're going to be the new Fall Out Boy. Which is so good for them and so. sad. for. me.

2. The Hush Sound is opening for Fall Out Boy when they're in Milwaukee. Which makes me want to go even worse. GOD.
03:48am 10/01/2006
  Soooooo I needed to wax my brows, so I bought some stuff at work tonight. I did Joy's for her and started doing mine. And then it happened. The Great Waxing Disaster of 2006. The stuff was really, really runny, and it dripped. INTO MY EYE. It got all over half of my eyelashes and hurt SO BADLY. I have a bald patch on my lower lid (it's not big, but it's really sore) and I had to like soak my eye with oil remover shit. So then my eye was red and watering and sore. And finally, after 20 minutes, all the wax was gone, only taking 3 or 4 lashes from my top lid. It was so painful. I returned the wax because it almost killed me, and it was the most painful wax ever even when it was used properly. Terrible!  
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03:53am 06/01/2006
  I'm tired of being exhausted. I'm tired of working 7 days a week. I'm tired of not having time for myself, let alone anyone else. I'm tired of school and their stupid rules. I'm tired of everything.

At school I go on probation next week. I'm under my average monthly hours by LESS THAN ONE HOUR. PS- If they had given me my print out on time, and not THREE WEEKS LATE, I would've known I was that close to falling under hours and I would've come in an extra day. Now, they've given me the sheet one week before the end of my month and there are no days available to it up. And that's fucking bull shit. I'm going to try to fight it. Ugh. But honestly. Less than an hour? I know, its a SLIPPERY SLOPE, but whatever. give me the goddamn half hour.

I'm going to try and cut my days at Sallys. I want 2 weekdays off and 1 weekend day off a week. I just can't physically or mentally work a grand total of almost 70 hours every week anymore. I'm just not that kind of person. Maybe if one of my jobs involved more sitting and less interacting with stupid people I could handle it.

I had a really weird dream about CJ the other night. And about the Hot Piercer last night. Appearantly, I need some action. One of the girls at school asked if I wanted her to hook me up with someone. No, but thanks.....but maybe.

I have to sleep now.

PS- New Years was lame. I hope it doesn't foreshadow my year. Otherwise it'll be full drama and ghetto-ness.
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02:04am 26/12/2005
  I got a new phone yesterday. Its that new LG camera flip phone verizon keeps advertising. The guy told me it would get good reception, even at home. And I told him I didn't think so. And I was right. I just don't like flip phones, either. But it was the best choice. And I ahve a 15 day trial. We'll see. I do like that I can download cool ring tones like "Tell Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today" and "The Future Freaks Me Out".

My mom and dad gave me an iPod Shuffle for Christmas, which is what I asked for, so that's super awesome. I'm not entirely sure when I'll use it, but I really wanted it. I'm surprised I hadn't bought it for myself in the last few years. So now I have it, damnit. My mom tried so hard to find Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend CD for me, but the guy at Exclusive Company(where I really thought it might be) was convinced that there are only 2 CDs out. He is wrong. So my mom bought one I already have, but that's ok. I'll get something else fun. And I have 50 bucks to blow at the mall. And new shoes that are really cute black and pink Vans, but they kind of restrict my baby toe. Sad. I got some shirts and some pretty underwears and my damn perm end wrap dispenser. And my grandparents send 100 dollars. But I'm putting that on my credit card since it's got like 500 or 600 dollars on it right now. OOPS. I'm sure the other grandma will give me some money, too, but I kind of want to use that for me. We'll see.


Merry Christmas :)
04:59am 21/12/2005
  sometimes stalking works out in the end. and anyway, pete wentz says its ok because he does it to, and doesn't even care.

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02:11pm 20/12/2005
  Fall Out Boy was so good. Just. So. Good.  
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02:20pm 13/12/2005
  I'm going to the doctor this morning because I think I have like tennis elbow or some shit. Which sucks because it's only going to get worse with this career. So maybe I'll get like a brace or something that will help.

Yesterday I bought 4 Motion City tickets. And that's awesome. And I'll send Tessie money for another MCS show 2 weeks prior to the other show. And FOB is next Monday. And that's also awesome.

Last night my elbow hurt so badly that I took 3 Tylenol 3's and then got really drowsy. I was eating one of those mini Reese's cups and fell asleep with it in my hand. And I woke up at like 2 am with chocolate and peanut butter all over my hand, face, and shirt. But none got on my bed. So that's good. And pretty funny.
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02:14pm 06/12/2005
  One of the many reasons I hate living in the country:

The well sometimes likes to die and leave us without water for a day or two, sometimes three or four. Today is one of those days it wanted to die. It's really great because now I can't shower or brush my teeth or even flush the toilet. And that sucks.
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